What is CBD or Hemp Oil? Are There Health Benefits?

What is CBD Oil Made of?

CBD is the known name that most people have heard about; however, most people know this drug as cannabis which is also known as marijuana. This drug has been around for years as a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant used for medical and/or recreational purposes. This plant originated from Central Asia and India.

What’s the difference from CBD to marijuana? Good questions – why didn’t you ask sooner?

What is Marijuana Plant?

Many moons ago, marijuana was the common name for cannabis/CBD, etc. Some of you may recall the many other names, such as weed, herb, pot, grass, ganja, Mary Jane and bud, to name a few of the slang terms. It is a greenish mixture of dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. Those who prefer it as a smoking joint would hand roll it into cigarettes called joints; but also in pipes or in cigar wraps.

Over the years, marijuana has been used to brew tea or when it is consumed for medicinal purposes, it is found in vitamins or mixed in foods such as candies, brownies and cookies.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD Oil?

Since CBD is in several states and is being used for various medicinal and recreational purposes, the use of CBD has increased significantly. In some states (called Green states) as long as you meet the minimum age requirement, then you can use it. In other states (called Amber states) that may have legalized marijuana only then there’s a requirement of a medical marijuana card and a prescription from a medical marijuana doctor.

I’m not sure if I can list all the well-known benefits but I will make a good attempt to: CBD has been added to everything from skin care products to high potency herbal drops. CBD has been known to support healthy blood sugar levels, relieve anxiety, promote wellness and balance. There’s a number of ways that CBD has been infused to help with the ease of stress. I have come across bath products that are infused with CBD to help melt away stress and/or relieve muscle tension.

For those with furry friends, CBD also provides relief to certain health problems. In 2018, a study found that CBD provided an increase level of comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis. That following year, there was a study published by Mcgrath that CBD also helped reduce the number of seizures experienced by epileptic dogs.

As a reminder, cannabis laws differ from states and countries. The map below will help clear some confusion in terms of which form of cannabis is legalized at home and abroad.

CBD and Autism – Is there a Link?

CBD is not a cure for autism but a study published in Gastroenterology & Hepatology outlined the main motives for using medical marijuana were the fewer side effects, ineffectiveness of current therapies and a better handle of gaining control over the disorder. CBD has shown more promising signs when targeting issues involving microbiome, mental health, sleeplessness and other areas.

How is Hemp Oil Made?

You may be asking the same question that I have been – Is hemp oil and CBD oil the same? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are my findings: hemp oil and CBD oil come from different parts of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil comes from the cannabis seed and CBD oil is created using the entire plant. Due to the growing CBD market, hemp oil is now referred to as hemp seed oil.

Is Hemp Oil Good for You?

Let’s look further into hemp oil – what are the benefits of hemp oil? Hemp seed oil which is also referred to as cannabis sativa seed oil is considered to be an extremely good seed oil that’s extremely high in antioxidants, omega-3 and 6-fatty acids without any levels of CBD.

For several decades, hemp seed or cannabis sativa oil has been sold in health food stores and vastly used in smoothies and skin care products. As a skin care ingredient, it’s been used as a powerful moisturizer and skin softener without clogging your pores or causing your skin to be excessively oily. Some of the labels may list the ingredient as hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa-hemp seed oil or simply hemp oil.

CBD and Hemp Oil – Can They be Mixed?

Mixing the two will not cause any harm; however, if your goal is to gain the maximum benefits of the CBD oil then you won’t want to substitute with hemp seed oil. Both CBD and hemp oil are expensive, so know your brands and make your purchases from reliable sources. Unfortunately, there are brands misleading the consumer by making false claims that their products contain CBD in order to increase their sales. Some brands are using the terms interchangeably by calling hemp seed oil cannabis sativa oil which is very misleading. Although, both products come from the same plant, they are significantly different and provide different benefits. Both products offer unique benefits of CBD.

Conclusion – Look for the Ingredients!

In summary, do your fair share of research. Know your products by reading the labels and getting your self familiar with the reputable brands. There are a lot of counterfeits and since CBD and hemp oil can be expensive, find out who’s carrying true authentic products that are not diluted or mislabeled.

I hope this post has helped extensively with your search. May you experience wellness and a balanced health, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Happy healing!

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