Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy – Is It Too Early To Tell?

Symptoms and signs of pregnancy are different for everyone; however, there are some signs that are undeniably common signs of a pregnancy.

So, What Are The Common Signs Of Pregnancy?

Let’s face it! The first symptoms and signs of pregnancy start as early as a missed period with maybe a negative pregnancy test. The first set of tests may or may not be positive. In fact, I’ve had positive tests and yet, I was not pregnant. It’s important to remember that some of the very first signs of pregnancy are not so common.

Why do I feel pregnant? Sometimes, it’s mental! I think there are times we want to be pregnant so badly that our bodies start exhibiting some of the signs. Our minds have a way of playing tricks on us and I can definitely attest to that. The mind is interesting on how it can trigger certain emotions and your body will clearly react to them.

Common Signs Of A Pregnancy?

Most people don’t experience all the pregnancy signs and symptoms. I had very few symptoms during my pregnancy. I had absolutely no morning sickness during pregnancy.

Spotting and cramping were the most that I experienced during my first trimester which I’ll elaborate a little more on.

Spotting, Cramping During First Trimester

Spotting during first trimester is normal. The cramping was very mild and happened sporadically. As for spotting, I spotted for the entire first two months which really scared me. I was so reluctant to let my family and friends know that I was expecting because I thought the spotting would eventually lead to a miscarriage. Thankfully, I didn’t.

Each doctor visit, I went in expecting to hear a different outcome but my nurse was always pleasant in letting me know that all was well and that I didn’t need to worry about the “non-stop” spotting. Two months felt like an eternity when every previous pregnancy attempts led to a negative test or false “positive” test.

Spotting in first trimester pregnancy is when any bleeding that’s not part of your normal monthly menstrual cycle occurs. As long as you are keeping a tracking calendar and your doctor is informed of your symptoms then you’ll be monitored accordingly. Should you notice any major changes in your spotting, contact your physician immediately.

Spotting is also called implantation bleeding which happens when there’s a sure sign of a baby. When the fertilized egg journeys on to the fallopian tubes and settles in the uterus, the egg will then attach to the wall of the uterus. The spotting happens because the uterine lining is full with blood and so the spotting can often occur.

When Will I Start Feeling Baby Move?

Since I wanted to feel the baby so badly, it felt like it took forever. I was always so mobile, between work and family life, so I started feeling the baby around the 4th month. It was never clear to me whether it was a kick, gas or simply my imagination. Occasionally, I was convinced it was the baby and on other days, the movement was so subtle that it faded in with my daily movement.

I was told that the movements would vary for first time moms. The flutters can take place anywhere from 17-21 weeks into the pregnancy. I was so oblivious, that my doctor told me to really start focusing when I’m sitting down to see if I can see the baby move. Honestly, I was too tired to pay attention early on. I would pass out so quickly every time I found a couch to sit on. I felt weighted down most of the time.

By the sixth month, I was able to clearly tell that it was the baby moving. I started to run to the ladies’ room more frequently due to my excessive water drinking because I always felt parched. The baby was growing so fast that I could from time to time see my belly moving from side to side.

A more experienced mom who have already had children would normally feel the movements sooner, as early as the 3-month mark (12 weeks).

The first sets of movements from the baby might not feel like a kick or anything. Part of why it took so long to feel the baby had to do with my spotting for first 2 months. I think part of me was preparing for the worse, so I removed the thought of the baby actually being here. The first time I went a whole week without spotting made my day. Now, it was at that point, despite my test results and my doctor visits, that I finally felt a sense of relief that I could “carefully” say that I was pregnant.

Pregnancy Kick Count Chart

You might want to start a baby kick count chart. Why? It’s been highly recommended that you start counting the baby’s kicks right around 26-33 weeks. That can also vary if your pregnancy is considered high-risk. Although, my doctor had advised me that I start charting early because I fell under the high-risk stigma, I simply decided that I would walk by faith and that if it were meant for me to have this baby then I would. In order to minimize the voices of fear in my head, I found that it was best to trust that ultimately God would see the process through. My pregnancy was a miracle in itself, so I had to do the only thing I knew – stand and believe!

As you journey on, once a day, when you sense your baby is most active, place your hand on your belly and count each movement. Each movement may be different but count up to 10 of the sensations and note the pattern on paper. It’s best to keep the same time frame so that you’ll have a consistent chart.

Am I Pregnant Now? So, You Are Pregnant – What Do You Do?

There are so many ways to tell people you’re pregnant. Take your time! Don’t rush to tell until you are past your first trimester. Give your body time to adjust and your mind to accept the current and upcoming changes.

Share some moments with yourself where you enjoy the thought of this bundle inside of you. Remember that you and your body will forever change and accept that.

Take care of yourself – make “you” a priority! Eat well! Get plenty of needed rest! Enjoy a good book and a good comedy flick! Laugh, laugh hard!

Be ready to journey on for the next 9 months happily!

Faith, trust and baby dust!

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