So, How Do You Find The perfect Baby Name?

Picking your baby’s name is a very important task. Among a thousand of names, where do you start, how do you pick the best name for your baby? Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this post you’ll be able to find the right fit for you and the family. Happy hunting!!

What’s Trending?

What have you heard in the media? What are your friends naming their kids? Are you looking for a name that’s unique, popular, on a trend or simply common? Do some reach by checking your city, state and globally to see what’s trending for babies. If you know the gender of your baby then research according to that specific gender.

One of the current trends is a slew of names starting and ending with the same letter or the first letter of the sibling names starting with the same letter, like the Duggar kids with all J names.

Think of Possible Initials

There’s more to a name than just the full name. How does the full name spell and how does it sound? What are the initials in combination with the last name, i.e. Christina Audrey Thomas (C.A.T)? Consider these thoughts thoroughly? Will the monogram look pleasing to the eye or will the sound roll off the tongue easily? This might all sound silly at first, but your baby will thank you for it later on.

The Family Tree

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to a name that’s historical with rooted meanings. Search names beyond the parents and grandparents. Go beyond and look through archives and ancestry documents. Names don’t get old. There’s been a recent increase in names that were used over 100 years ago because of their deeper meanings. Try mixing the old with the new to hear how the combination sounds. Ultimately, the goal is to find the perfect name for your baby, so have fun with it. This process will bring you closer to narrowing the list down.

Yes, ask the grandparents, aunts and uncles and/or close friends. Seeking their opinion doesn’t remove the power to choose, you’re simply looking to make a thorough decision. Be open-minded to their suggestions; after all, it’s their opinion. You’ll get some honest feedback which is exactly what you’ll need. Keep in mind, you don’t have to let them know of your final pick. After all, the choice is yours.

Baby Name Book

Find a baby name book and peruse through it. Ask your spouse or another family member to take time to look through the book and write down a list of names that appeal to you then compare notes. This task can turn into a fun activity for you and a spouse or for the family.

Another thought is to call the baby by a different name every other day to get a feel for the sound or if it’s the right fit before you settle on it. Call out loud the full name (first, middle, and last) to see if there’s a musical flow.

Celebrity Names

Have you heard any celebrity names that you like? Lately, celebrities have been naming their children with unusual names. To name a few, the names range from Apple, North, West, Audio, Blue Ivy, Brooklyn, Cricket, Future, Denim, Honor, Everest, Doone, Dream, Huckleberry, Indiana, Kash, North, Moroccan, Pilot, Lourdes, Puma, Sunday, Story, Zolten, and list goes on.

The name that you pick can easily climb the charts after a celebrity uses it. As celebrities have more babies, the more names they’ll invent to keep their babies unique and special.

Biblical Names

Whether you are spiritual or not, names with biblical meanings are also an option. There are lots to choose from…simply upon up a bible or biblical name book. The name will have its origin and meanings which will give you a better understanding of your baby’s name.

Make sure the nickname that comes with it is also good choice. Kids can be cruel and creative, so be aware for names that can effortlessly rhyme with insulting words.

Character Names

What about character in a movie, a Disney princess or prince? Have you watched any characters that stood out to you? I once heard of a mom who picked her child’s name from an advertisement. She heard the little girl’s name called out during a commercial and immediately felt the connection to name her daughter the same.

When you’re stuck trying to find the perfect name, know that inspiration can be found anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to what’s popular or cool. You can also give meaning to your baby’s name.

Different Translations

It’s ok to use different translations to find the perfect baby name. The name can be in another language as long as it gives you the meaning that you’re looking to attach to your baby. Look up different translations to make sure the name gives you the full meaning you desire. Sometimes, children grow up wanting to live by their name and its meaning, so choose wisely.

So, What’s in a Name?

Everything! You get your personal identity, uniqueness and sense of worth from your name. The name defines who we are to others. I once met someone named “Storm” who actually gave that aura about her. She represented fierceness, determination, power and those were the characteristics that she exhibited to everyone she met. She apparently believed that the name fits her and decided to live by it.

Your name can carry you from A to Z if someone likes your name on paper. In some cases, it could be what makes the difference whether you get the interview or not.

Yes, finding the perfect baby name is crucial and your baby is counting on you to make that decision. Ultimately, if you have settled on a name, it will be the perfect name for your baby. Reward yourself for having done thorough research to find the perfect name. You didn’t just settle but you researched and the time spent has paid off. Give yourself a big congrats!! You did it!

What are your thoughts on baby names?  How did you come to pick your baby name?

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6 thoughts on “Find The Perfect Baby Name – Oh, How Fun!”

  1. Hi Dee Dee

    Choosing a name that not only satisfies both parents is so tricky. You want a name to stand out but at the same time not be freakish. I always imagine what the name would be like if you are applying for something like a job or mortgage, as the name could potentially put people off. Your article has given me ideas I would call my future child. One thing I must stress is what you call the child, make sure it is spelled correctly at the registry office. It is no good going through life with a misspelling.

    1. Antonio – good point about the misspelled name. My dad had a similar situation, where his name was misspelled and to date, it’s still an issue. I think he’s done worrying about it. Thanks for bringing that up – I hope my readers make note of that.

  2. Great article! I personally love high vibe spiritual names. Names like Faith, Hope and Destiny for girls, and I love Bodhi for a boy. I agree that a name fills a person with an essence, and if named before birth, their personality begins to grow with them before they’re even born.

  3. Hi Dee – thanks so much for your post about naming your baby – it’s such a huge decision for new parents! You’ve given some great ideas about researching names that are on trend and also more traditional names, including the biblical names that can be very beautiful! One of the really important and possibly forgotten things to consider are the initials – that’s great that you’ve reminded parents to think of that. I’ve seen some not so great three letter initials in my life and you often wonder did the parents not think of this? Choosing a name is a fun, but very important process that will obviously have a huge impact on your child – think long and hard! Thanks again for your post

    1. Hi Lindsay – thank you so much for your comments. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Yes, one must think long and hard!

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